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Help Setting Up Kidtrol

Help Setting Up Kidtrol

If you just need help setting up your Kidtrol app then click below let us walk you through the set-up process! Setting up your Kidtrol app should be quick and easy, because we designed it that way. Visit this page to learn how to set up your app step by step.

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There should be no reason we cannot help you with your Kidtrol app. Use one of the above two options to get the result you are looking for! We care a lot about the parents who use our app and work hard to continue to deliver them the best we can offer. With innovative technology like Kidtrol’s parental control app we know that there will be some problems with set up and concerns about its functions. That’s why we take the care and effort we do to provide the best customer service team we can. Call or email us at any time to get your complex questions or concerns put to rest! Our customer support team is part of the reason Kidtrol has become the parental control app parents prefer and the best parental control app in terms of power on the market!

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