Control Phone Use with Kidtrol Parental Control App

Kidtrol parental control app for parentsThe best parental control app is here and you can try it for free when you download it from the app store. No other parental control app gives you the ease of use or the power to control multiple devices at the touch of a button. Kidtrol helps parents control and limit phone use when their children or teens have trouble stopping themselves. You can download the Kidtrol parental control app now and get a 14-day free trial!

This parental control app allows you to remotely disable or block third party apps on any connected iPhone, iPad or iPod quickly and easily.  Your child will still be able to call and text you, but all third party apps including: Snapchat, Facebook, camera and more can be disabled when you decide they should be. The Scheduling and On Demand features give you the ability to control phone usage on your child or teen’s phones quickly and easily right from your own. You’ll love the flexibility of being able to set schedules and letting the app go to work automatically each day or disable third party apps On Demand.

A Flexible Parental Control App

The variety of parental control features include Scheduling and On Demand which you can use to customize your approach to limiting phone use in multiple Apple devices. Kidtrol’s On Demand feature allows you to disable a connected phones app’s for a set amount of time. These features are useful to parents who want to disable their child’s phones only once, for a short period of time, to help them study or get schoolwork done. Kidtrol’s Scheduling feature allows you to set specific days and times to disable your child’s apps automatically. The scheduling feature helps you set regular bedtimes and for use during school hours to help them study and focus in class.
parental control app for parents

Kidtrol Is Helping Your Kids In School And At Home

The Kidtrol parental control app is making it easy for parents to control their kids phone usage. This is an important tool as phones become, more and more, a part of our lives. Studies show that less phone usage in school leads to significantly higher grades. Additionally, studies show that less phone use at night can lead to better sleep. Check out some of the studies on phone use here and learn why overuse should be bothersome.  Check out our best practices guide to using the Kidtrol scheduling feature and best practices guide to using the on-demand feature and be on your way to raising more responsible and self-sufficient kids. Don’t believe us? Check out what some parents who use our parental control app have been saying!

Brittany Peeke happy Kidtrol parent
Brittany Peeke

I'll Never Take Away A Phone Again!

What a great app for any parent! I use this to disable my children's phones in school. I know they are focusing and doing well because their grades are rising! I recommend Kidtrol to all parents.

kidtrol happy parent
Jeff Smith

I Can Finally Have Peace Of Mind

I have peace of mind knowing my son isn't just playing games all day on his iPad. I know he's getting his work done because his games are now a reward not a distraction.

the best parental control app
James Durbin
Father and Husband

The Scheduling Feature Works Great

I love the Kidtrol app mostly for it's scheduling feature. I have two small kids and at night I let the app kick in automatically so I don't have to take away the iPad. Works great its the best parental control app I've found!

parental control app
Jannet Oboden
Mother and Wife

My Sons Grades Are Rising!

I started disabling my sons phone during school hours and i've noticed he started taking more interest in his school work. I'm so happy that I finally found a way control my sons phone use. Kidtrol gets 5 stars from me!

katie lovarti testimonial
Katie Lovarti
Mother of two children

Great app for me

I used to have so much trouble getting my kids to stop using their phones at night or at the dinner table. This KidTrol app really brought my family together like never before. No more distractions!

rafael dias testimonial
Rafael Dias
Parent of two great kids.

5 stars all the way!!

I began using your app since it first came out and I love it. Set up was simple enough and the app works extremely well. My kids have been getting more sleep and better grades in school. Thank you KidTrol!

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The Kidtrol parental control app was designed by parents for parents. Kidtrol enables parents with remote phone controlling technology to avoid taking your child’s phone away ever again. You ensure your child can do homework, sleep, or anything else free of distractions at the touch of a button. The app costs 2.99 a month or 29.99 a year after the trial period. Your child will Sleep, Study, and Succeed with Kidtrol parental control app.

“Kidtrol is a huge step in reducing the overuse of mobile devices by your children. Download Kidtrol with a 14 day free trial to try it out for yourself.”

-Steve Williams (CEO of Kidtrol)

Block Third Party Apps Like These And More

block third party apps with kidtrol

Get To Know Your Kidtrol Parental Control App

parental control app by kidtrolThe possibilities of uses for your parental control app are nearly limitless. Customize your approach to using the helpful features through our user friendly interface. Set timeout’s for an amount of time that you choose or simply lock the phone’s third party apps until you decide to unlock them using the “Until I Say” option (a part of the On Demand feature). Schedule bedtimes, family times, curfews, and more to kick in automatically at the times you choose. The disabled phone will still be able to call you or emergency services as Kidtrol’s parental control app doesn’t limit basic phone functions like calling, texting, and emailing but focuses on limiting use of third party apps, some stock apps like camera, and internet. Get more control over their children’s phone usage without worrying for their safety should the parental control app disable their phone while they are out and trying to reach you. Kidtrol allows you to remotely control the devices you own easily. Get to know some of our features below.

Kidtrol On Demand Timeout Feature

The On Demand timeout feature will put you in control at the push of a button. Slide the timer to disable for the amount of time you select or choose the “Until I Say” option to disable or lock the phones apps indefinitely. This feature can help your child focus on homework or as a “timeout”.

disable third party apps with kidtrol app
Disable third party apps from your Kidtrol parental control app.

Kidtrol Scheduling Feature

The scheduling feature gives you a huge amount of flexibility. The scheduling feature on your Kidtrol parental control app allows you to set the time’s of the day and days of the week you want to disable or lock your child(s) mobile device apps. When the time scheduled comes, your Kidtrol app will kick in and disable or lock the connected phones third party apps. You can set a number of schedules for disabling or locking phones on different days and different times easily in the scheduling options section.

Set Up Your Kidtrol App In Minutes

Setting up your new Kidtrol app blocker and parental control app takes minutes and is simple, even for non tech-savvy people. Once you download the app our software will guide you through the set-up process step by step. We also provide additional instructions on our how it works page. Additionally, if you need any more help with set-up we are always here on stand-by to help out. Send an email to and we will reply ASAP with a solution to your problem.

help setting up kidtrol app blocker

App Blocker For Parents

Kidtrol wants you to feel safe giving even your youngest kids a permanent phone. We want you to give your children a phone and never have to physically take it away when they do something wrong. Kidtrol makes it easy to lock any connected phones to set bedtimes, study times, family times, or anytime. Remotely, at the touch of a button on your Kidtrol parental control app, you can set these times easily and precisely.

remotely disable third party app with kidtrol parental control appHelp Your Child Study Without Distractions

It is a well known fact that focusing is easier with less distractions and it is a fact that a focused and engaged student does better than a unfocused one in school overall. Studies have actually found that banning cellphones in school have led to an increase in test scores by as much as 6%.
Set the Kidtrol parental control app to disable your connected phone(s) each day at a set time to help your kid(s) study or do homework free of distractions during the school week. We are certain that you will see a jump in grades as the pressure to answer texts or browse the internet become less of a factor in getting and keeping your child focused. Use the On Demand feature to set immediate times to focus on homework, or study  when your child really needs to. Parents who use Kidtrol to help their children study in school see a significant rise in grades and information retention during class.

Set Bedtimes and Family Times With The Kidtrol App

Use the Kidtrol parental control app to set bedtimes or set family times during the week or weekends easily. Get the family together for a weekend board game or nightly dinner without phones to disrupt important conversations. Set bedtimes at night for your younger children so they can sleep without distractions at night and be ready for the following day. The Kidtrol parental control app makes it easy to strengthen the bond your family has and the effects are sure to last a lifetime. Help your children develop good habits of phone use with a smart approach to your use of the app.
When it comes to setting bedtimes studies have proven that not only is it unhealthy to exchange time for sleep for time on your phone, but it is also unhealthy to lay in bed while on your phone before sleep as well. Take a look at the studies below to learn about the huge affect your phone can have on your sleeping and focus.

Try Kidtrol For Free From The App Store

Kidtrol parental control appThe Kidtrol parental control app provides you with control over your children’s iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can even try the app for free for a limited time. However, the free version of the Kidtrol parental control app lets you use the On Demand feature with a single connected device. In the free version you can control only one phone but you can use the On Demand timeout feature at will, for free, for life. The paid version gives you free reign over all the features including scheduling and control of multiple 21 IOS devices. Kidtrol can control all generations of iPads, iPhones, or iPods. Get started controlling the phone usage of your kids today.

Additional Studies On The Effect’s Of Cell Phone Use

Because smartphones are so new to us, more studies need to be done to document the effects of overusing them. However, despite this, many notable studies come out every year on the topic. Read how phone use before bed is positively associated with insomnia and how electronic Device light causes suppression of release of Melatonin. The focus of interest is the effect of this technology on our younger generations. We see kids spending an excess of 5 hours a day on entertainment media and parents, helpless and confused, as to how they will control this excessive usage. Getting your kids on the right path in life takes some ingenuity these days, the kind of ingenuity you’ll find in a parental control app like Kidtrol. Try the app for free today by downloading it from the app store.

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We are certain that the Kidtrol parental control app will be the best investment you make as a parent. The diverse and powerful features let you effectively control phone usage and limit phone use. If you are using the app for school you’ll love how many types of apps and the customizing options Kidtrol lets you control.

Never Have To Take A Phone Away Again

If you’ve ever had to take a phone away from your kid you know the stress it brings both you and you child. With the Kidtrol parental control app you’ll never have to take a phone away again because you can control their phones right from your own device.

What Are You Waiting For?!

There is no better time than now to download the Kidtrol parental control app and start to remotely control the apps and internet on a connected phone. The user friendly interface lets you organize and name your connected devices. Additionally, you can set custom options that will apply only to the selected device. With all these benefits there is no reason not to download the Kidtrol parental control app and help your child sleep, study, and succeed!

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