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Kidtrol is a parental control app designed by parents that enables you to remotely control, schedule and block apps on your child’s iphone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Giving a child a mobile device can be a source of relief and frustration for parents. It is important that kids can communicate with their parents but smartphones can be distracting as well. Recent studies suggest that children and teenagers are spending as much a 9 hours a day on various types of media, this is definitely a mind boggling number. As technology progresses, parents need opportunities to keep up with how their kids are interacting with it. We realized that parents needed a way to keep up without intruding on their kids lives in a negative way. We saw monitoring phone usage as an important way to improve parenting. Kidtrol is our solution to that problem. Now as a parent you can control the amount ofKidTrol Parental Control App usage at bed times and school times. With Kidtrol you can do this while still allowing your child to keep the phone physically. Allowing your children to keep their phone is an important benefit to having Kidtrol because they can always contact you or emergency services if needed. Kidtrol is an app that enables you to remotely control any mobile devices, but those devices can still reach you or emergency services.
Kidtrol provides a modern form of grounding if you would like to look at it that way. The Kidtrol On Demand timeout feature and Kidtrol Scheduler let you do an amazing things. The flexibility you get will let you customize your approach to parenting like never before. These features empower parents with the ability to remotely grant or reduce time the their child’s spends on their mobile devices apps, Safari, and Camera. Kidtrol promotes a focus on education for children as they need time to focus each day on homework and sleep. With Kidtrol you can also promote health, time management, and responsibility through its Scheduler. These features make it possible for parents to remotely schedule their child’s ability to use third party apps, with personally customized labels designated to each device and schedule (homework, sleep, school, chores, etc.). This is all done through the user friendly Kidtrol App.


Kidtrol was launched by Interactive Media Technologies, Inc. (IMT), founded IMT in June of 1991 by Steve Williams. Read more about Kidtrol’s history clicking here.


Kidtrol’s Mission

To empower parents with an alternative to physically taking their child’s mobile device away.

Kidtrol is an app that can actually help you become a better parent. Let your child keep their phone because it is an important means of communication, but limit their use of it in a way never before realized. We want to revolutionize parenting for those parents who give their kids smartphones.

Kidtrol’s Vision

Improving parental control of mobile devices using modern technology.

We are modern parents, and we want that statement to denote that as parents, we have help. Monitoring technology is booming and Kidtrol is among those. The Kidtrol parental control app will become your new best friend for monitoring phone usage. With every new technology we see our children spending increasingly inordinate amounts of time on them. As this problem gets worse it becomes increasingly important that you know of certain monitoring technologies.


Parental Control App For iPhone and iPads

The best parental control app for iPhone and iPads is finally here. Easily enable a child lock on your child’s phone or tablet, set schedules and On Demand timeouts remotely from your own cell phone with the Kidtrol parental control app. There is finally a way to control your child’s mobile phone usage and it’s easy with the Kidtrol app blocking technology. The app works when you synchronize your own mobile device or tablet with your other mobile devices and tablets. When you choose to activate the app it instantly disables all the third party app’s on your child’s phone including safari and effectively works as a child lock app that allows your child or teen to focus on their homework or family time free of distractions.

Set up and use of the parental control app is easy when you follow our step by step instructions. We at Kidtrol believe that there is a better way to be a good parent than by physically taking away your child’s phone. We make it easy to set bedtimes with the scheduling feature in your new app. Simply set the time’s and day’s of the week you want and the app will automatically go into action disabling your child’s iPhone or iPad apps. Phone use will be limited to calling and receiving calls from you and emergency services.

Kidtrol Parental Control App Just Made Your Life Alot Easier

Kidtrol really is the best parental control app on the market. There has never been an app that lets you control your child’s phone use so easily. Kidtrol was designed by parents who believe that there is a better way to control your child’s phone use than by physically taking it away. Our child lock settings were designed to let you customize your approach to parenting. Additional features include the On Demand timeout feature where you choose a set period of time your child’s app’s will be disabled for. This useful feature is great if you are trying to help your child focus for a set amount of time on homework or studying or as a punishment. Read some of our reviews to get a better understanding of how people are using our app to make their lives easier.

The best parental control app is finally here and it is available in the app store with a 14 day free trial period. We are certain that this app will work the way you want. Try the Kidtrol parental control app today.

Help Your Kids Focus In School With Kidtrol

It goes without question that the more time your child spends on their school work the better their grades will be. With Kidtrol you can help your child focus on their important school work without the distractions of the internet or friends on their iPhone or iPad. Kidtrol is a great way to control your child’s phone usage without having to engage physically in any way with them. Downloading and using Kidtrol is also the best way to set bedtimes for your child with our scheduling feature. Ensure that your kid’s get enough sleep for school and aren’t on their phones all night browsing the web or talking to friends. Kidtrol really is the best parental control app for your iPhone or iPad available on the market.

Mobile phone usage is a big problem today. It is estimated that teens and tweens are spending approximately 9 hours a day on social media! Exorbitant amounts of time spent on mobile phones and computers in general has been liked to obesity as well. Sitting sedentary for long periods of time has many links to obesity or being generally out of shape. Using the Kidtrol parental control app is a great way to ensure your child has a limit on the amount of time they spend on their phone. Using the app is also a great way for you as a parent to ensure your children make time for family at dinner time or when out. The uses of the Kidtrol parental control app are endless and you can use it today with a 14 day free trial when you download it today. The app is easy to use and set up is easy when you follow the instructions on our how it works page. Download Kidtrol In The App Store Today.

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