Founder Steve Williams Started Kidtrol’s Parent Company

Steven M. Williams, President and CEO of Kidtrols parent corporation Interactive Media Technologies, Inc. (IMT), founded IMT in June of 1991. IMT began as a true startup and for several years was solely a Research and Development Company focused on the development of PC based interactive voice processing services designed for switching voice calls. The services were marketed to international long distance telephone companies and to radio broadcast companies in the U.S and South America. In 1994 the Company entered the international telecommunications market and eventually grew to over USD $25 million enterprise with agents and customers in nearly every country in the world.  Since its inception, IMT has acquired five other telecommunications operations including Intellisat, BestNet and Nergy. The South Florida Business Journal’s annual “Fast Tech 40 List” ranked IMT in the top 100 for 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001.

IMT’s calling services allow customers to save on their international long distance calls and send SMS messages. International telephone rates are usually high in most countries, even with the current trend toward the privatization of government owned industries. Many governments are still retaining control and are imposing heavy taxes on their local telephone industry, while forbidding telephone service competition, in order to raise profits. IMT has created a solution by providing an International Callback service, a simple method of connecting an overseas customer with a high quality and lower cost alternative. Low telephone rates are increasingly important in today’s growing global economy. Low rates help strengthen the ties of family and friends, promote communication, unity and peace, make it easier to promote exports, and improve trade balances between nations.

globaltel parent companyThe Company currently operates several services using the following URL’s:,,, and Globaltel began developing iPhone and Android apps in 2010, initially for the purpose of providing low cost international voice over IP calling services on an app and expanded its app services in 2013 with “Kidtrol”, its parental control app designed to operate on IOS/Apple and Android devices.

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