An Alternative to Taking Your Child’s Mobile Device Away by using Kidtrol

Taking a child’s mobile device away can be a decision that has both positive and negative impacts for parents. You want them to have a mobile device for a reason, but they want them for alternative reasons like third party mobile phone apps and tablet apps, the camera, and web. Now you can let your child keep their smartphone, tablet, or iPod Touch, and just take away what really matters to them! You can still get ahold of them, they still have their mobile device for emergencies, and you are in control.

Suspend All Third Party Apps with the Scheduler

Do you ever find your child on their mobile device, maybe on one of the many kids apps, instead of perhaps sleeping or doing their homework? “Just 5 more minutes”, sound familiar?

Kidtrol provides an easy-to-use Scheduler for your child’s third party apps usage.

Kidtrol’s Scheduler can create downtime schedules for different times and days of the week. You have the option of making the schedule universal across all children’s devices, instead of having to repeat the process, or giving each child their own unique schedules. You can also customize the label of each mobile device and schedule: homework, sleep, school, etc.

Remotely Grant/Reduce Time on Apps, Web, and Camera, with the Kidtrol Button

Kidtrol has provided a modern form of allowance & grounding, with the Kidtrol Button. As technology increases, parents need opportunities to keep up with it.

Say you have asked your child to do a chore and it for one reason or another, never got done. That just never happens right?

Kidtrol allows you to instantly reduce their time for third party mobile phone apps and tablet apps, web, and their camera. This includes Gaming Apps (Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, etc.), Social Apps (Snapchat, Facebook, etc.), and more.

Now if the opposite occurs, you can instantly give your child additional time as a reward or allowance. This works out great for the child and the parent!

Use The Scheduler to Prevent Excessive Screen Time

Screen Time can cause many kids to lose focus on the educational, health-oriented, and social aspects of their life. The apps store is just filled with so many apps for kids. The ability to limit this all to a level of healthy moderation is one benefit of Kidtrol’s Scheduler. This is a great way to teach time management and responsibility as well.

Use The Scheduler to Prevent Excessive Data Use

As many have learned, your child can skyrocket your data bill with in-app purchases and initial third party apps purchasing fees. Kidtrol’s Scheduler will help you budget and monitor these charges by limiting their time available on these applications to a schedule that you choose.

Your Child Can Use One of YOUR DEVICES with Kidtrol’s Pre-Set Restrictions

As many parents allow their children to use one of their own (the parent’s) mobile devices, now parents can do so without having to constantly remind them that their time is up, or without even being in the same room. This helps enable parents to get work, errands, and household tasks done through out the course of each day. You can pre-set a schedule controlling kids apps usage and use the Kidtrol Button to remotely grant/reduce time on features such as the Safari, applications, and camera, so that you know what they are able to do.

Disable Access to the App Store

Kidtrol has provided a convenient way from within the app to disable your child’s ability to purchase applications. You can now conveniently prevent many issues from occurring, right at the source.

Receive a Notification if Your Child Tampers with the Download

In the event your child tampers with the application, Kidtrol will send the parent’s device a notification. Please view FAQ for more info on preventing this from happening.

Kidtrol Has a User Friendly Interface

Kidtrol is designed to be very user friendly. Many smartphone apps and tablet apps clutter unneeded features and information, making them hard to use or constantly glitch. Kidtrol is designed to be easily used from the instant you download it. Kidtrol has created a form of parental mobile device management with the features that matter most.

control iphones with kidtrolControl up to 10 Devices with Each Subscription

Kidtrol is working great on one child’s device and now you would like to add it on another’s? No problem, Kidtrol allows up to ten devices per subscription! Download the app now to try out the free version. The free version allows a user to control iPhone usage on one device and the only feature you can use is the On Demand timeout feature. Upgrade to the paid version for only 2.99 a month or 29.99 a year and get to use all the helpful features like Scheduler and more and control up to ten devices.


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