Benefits Of Using Kidtrol To Control iPad Use

You can also use the Kidtrol App for your child’s and/or your Tablet and iPod Touch that they may use. The exact same benefits to iPhones apply to the iPad and iPod Touch. You can now have your child use your mobile devices with the relief of pre-set restrictions and scheduling.

Your child’s and/or your mobile device that they may use can be Remotely Managed from the Kidtrol App on any iOS mobile device.

Kidtrol Works Great On iPads

When you use the Kidtrol App Blocker to control your iPad’s and iPod’s you get all the same features and functions as with iPhones. The free version of the Kidtrol App lets you control one device and use the On Demand timeout feature whenever you feel like it. However, if you download the paid version for only 2.99 a month or 29.99 a year then you get to use all the features this app has to offer. Use features like Scheduler and On Demand and additionally control multiple IOS devices at the touch of a button from your own Kidtrol App on your phone.

app blocker for ipadAdditional Benefits Of Using Kidtrol App Blocker On iPads and iPods

When controlling iPads know that the app blocking software will disable all third party apps and more. Safari, Camera, and more are disabled at the touch of a button. The Kidtrol App Blocker is perfect for use with small children who use their iPads to play games and learn during the day. You can use the helpful Scheduling feature to disable their devices at night so they aren’t tempted to use their devices at night when they should be getting sleep for the next day. Using this app to set bedtimes and timeouts will make this app worth the cost. You will never again have to physically take away your child’s phone. Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback! Happy parenting!

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