A Child Lock App For iPhones and iPads

Child lock app’s for iPhones and iPads just became a reality with the innovative new app by Kidtrol. Now you can finally control the use of your child’s phone without physically having to take away their iPhone or iPad. The Kidtrol parental control app has a number of features that work as a child lock, the app disables your child’s third party app’s on their phone and will only allow them to contact you and emergency services when needed. This is the best remote mobile phone controller for kid’s on the market and we cannot wait for you to see for yourself. Check out what some of our customers are saying about the best parental control app on our testimonials page here.

The technology works when you synchronize your mobile devices or tablets with your own device. It sounds complicated but it is as simple as a few easy to follow steps on our how it works page. The synchronized phones are connected by your Kidtrol child lock app and you decide when and how long your connected devices third party apps should be blocked for. Third party app’s include Safari, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more and when disabled will give your child the environment to sleep or study free of distractions.

We aren’t trying to make you the “world’s coolest parent” with our Kidtrol app but you can be the worlds best parent by using the technologies available to instill good habits in your child that will bring them success later in life. Kidtrol Child lock app is one technology you have available to control your child’s phone usage. We believe that when used modestly it’s use will be absolutely appreciated by your child and will serve as a great motivating factor for them. The grounding days where you could just send your child to their room are over. Your children likely spend most of their time in their room already, talking with their friends or playing games online. As a parent you need a better way to effectively ground your child and you can do that with the Kidtrol app.

Child Lock Your Kid’s Phones Easilybest parental control apps child lock app for ios by kidtrol

Controlling your child’s phone use is now as simple as hitting a few settings and letting the app go to work. Install and set up is easy when you follow our step by step instructions. Kidtrol believes in a better way to control and monitor your child’s phone usage than physically taking their phone away. Our mission is to provide a better way to monitor and control your child’s phone usage. The hard work we put into our app is apparent and we know you will love it from the beginning.

We made sure that anyone can use this app by building out a comprehensive FAQ page. Our instructions will walk you through the simple process of set up and use and our FAQ is here to be of assistance. Kidtrol wants you, the parent, to be able to control the usage of your children’s phone’s without the hassle of having to physically take away the phone. We believe we have done that and done it well with our Kidtrol child lock app.

Kidtrol Child Lock App Has Ton’s Of Features

You will love the number of features Kidtrol has to offer. Our scheduling feature allows you to decide exactly when and what day’s to disable your child’s phone. This is useful in helping your child go to sleep at night free of distractions. Our timeout feature allows you to disable your child’s phone on demand for the set amount of time you choose. More sleep at night means better grades in school as your child will be more focused on their work.

Kidtrol Features Help Your Child In School

It is a well known fact that the more a child is focused and engaged in their school lessons the better their general understanding and the higher their grades will be. It is estimated that kid’s nowadays are spending approximately 9 hours a day on entertainment media through their phones or computers a day! This exorbitant amount of time online is changing the way our children are growing up. The amount of time your children spend online add’s up to less exercise, and more sedentary behavior. Excessive sedentary behavior is a leading cause of obesity in developed countries. With the Kidtrol app you can now limit the amount of time your children spend on their phones and perhaps set them on a course to future success with proper use of the app. The Kidtrol child lock app is the best way to ensure your child is focusing, free of distractions, on school work when at home. Download and try the app today and use it for free for 14 days. Download Kidtrol In The App Store Today.

best parental control app child lock app for parentsbest parental control apps for ios by kidtrol available in the app store

Child Lock App For Parents By Kidtrol App Blocker
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Child Lock App For Parents By Kidtrol App Blocker
Kidtrol is a revolutionary new app that allows parents to child lock their connected Apple devices.
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Child Lock App For Parents By Kidtrol

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