How Young is Too Young for Your Child to Have an Unrestricted Smart Phone?

Many parents in this day and age consider getting a smartphone for their children. Of course, getting a phone for their child has many benefits; the parent can keep tabs on his or her child, and the child can caControl Internet Usell the parent as needed. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of issues that come with giving a young child a smartphone. This begs the question that every parent must consider before considering getting a smartphone for their child; “how young is too young?” Even with this question in mind, if a parent absolutely must get a phone for their young child they can easily control internet use with a parental control app like Kidtrol.
Without a child control app for young children, the threats of being exposed to social media and the internet can be very real. As WebMD states, “a phone is more than just a phone.” A smartphone can give children unrestricted access to social media, the internet, video games, television shows, movies, and more. While this may not seem like an issue at first, it can easily become one. If a young child accidentally views a rated R movie or they accidentally play a rated M game, the child could be scared or traumatized. Another issue inherent with social media is the problem of cyber bullying and potential cyber stalking. If your child isn’t aware of the potential dangers of either of these, these can cause serious harm to their well-being.

Kidtrol Can Control Internet Use and Make Your Child’s Phone Safer

A lot of these issues can be mitigated by using a child control app to control internet use, like Kidtrol. Kidtrol can block third party apps like social media and it can block access to the internet. While doing so, this iOS exclusive app maintains the phone’s functionality as a working phone and the child can still receive calls and text messages. If a child does need to use the internet, the parent can easily unlock those phone features with the click of a button and under their supervision.

So again, this begs the question; “When are they ready?” As WebMD states, “Look for developmental signs.” Check to see if your child is responsible. Check to see if they take care of their belongings, and check to see if they understand how to use the phone safely. If they seem mature enough (and the age differs from child to child), then maybe it is time to consider giving them a smartphone. Even still, if a parent doesn’t have much choice in the matter or even if their child is responsible, an iOS parental control app like Kidtrol may just make their smartphone experience that much safer.

Controlling Internet Use for Young Children
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Controlling Internet Use for Young Children
While the benefits of giving a young child a smartphone are great, the threats of the internet are ever prevalent. However, installing a parental control app like Kidtrol can help control internet use and make your child's smartphone safer.
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Control Internet Use for Young Children’s Smartphones

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