Are Your Children Studying, or Are They Being Distracted by Their iPhone?

Have you ever wondered how to make sure your kids are studying? In today’s world, it may not be so easy with smartphones being as prevalent as they are. While smartphones are incredibly useful for many tasks, they can also prove to be an incredible distraction in the classroom.

are your kids studying or are they being distracted by their iphoneEnter the Kidtrol App

With Kidtrol, you can easily control your children’s phones with the simple press of a button. With a built in scheduler, you can automatically disable third party apps during specific times of the day and week to coincide with school hours or homework times. Because Kidtrol is so effective at what it does, you never have to worry about your child being distracted by the very device that allows you to connect with them. Even if you forget to manually activate the app locking feature, Kidtrol still has your back with its automatic scheduler.

Kidtrol is Easy to Set Up and Use

Kidtrol goes into your phone very easily and has a very user friendly interface. It even has the option to override the current automatic scheduler if a parent so chooses, and they can disable all apps at any time that they wish. This is great for exam week or even school functions such as sports and clubs because it keeps your child focused and in the game. The app even has a feature that alerts you if your child attempts to remove that app, so you’ll always know what they’re up to on their phones.

Make Sure Your Children Succeed in School with Kidtrol

As many parents and teachers have reported, grades have been on the rise as distractions fall in the classroom. Children are no longer being distracted by the internet or other social media programs. Get your children started on the path to a distraction free classroom today by visiting our App Store Page or by checking us out on our Website!

Are Your Kid's Being Distracted By Their iPhones?
Article Name
Are Your Kid's Being Distracted By Their iPhones?
Are your kids being distracted by their iPhones? Learn more about how Kidtrol can help you limit phone use and reduce distractions in school and at home.
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Are Your Kid’s Being Distracted By Their iPhones?

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