Follow These Step By Step Instructions

1. Download the KidTrol Parental Control App
2. Open the app and sign upparental control app set up 13. Create your KidTrol profile

parental control app set up 2
4. Next, go to the screen labeled “KIDS”

5. Press ”+ ” in the upper right corner to add your Childs Name. You can add your childs photo by tapping the screen.parental control app set up 3

6. Next, select the “Pair Device” tab. Follow the “Pair Device” instructions on the next screen. This process will “Pair” your child’s device with the KidTrol app installed on your device. You will need to access your child’s device and have the device password to complete the installation.

parental control app set up 4

7. On your child’s device, launch Safari and go to www.KONTROL.MOBI then enter your four digit pairing code XXXX as shown.

parental control app set up 5

8. Next, enter the child’s device password and install the mobile device management program.parental control app set up 6

9. Click “trust” to complete setup on their phone. Return to the KidTrol app on the parents device to finalize the setup.

parental control app set up 7

10. Here you can toggle the switches to block iTunes Store, In-App Purchase and App Store on a 24/7 basis. (note: the default is unblocked/green) These switches are not affected by any Schedules you may create.
parental control app set up 8

11. Select “Save” then you will back at Kids screen. Next, select your “child’s name + device” where it says, for example, “Steve’s Phone”.

parental control app set up 9

13. Next, go to the “Schedules” screen. Select an existing “Schedule” or create a new one.

parental control app set up 10

14. Select the kids that will be subject to the schedule and the apps that should be blocked.

parental control app set up 11

15. Notice the “toggle switches” (red and green) next to Facetime, Safari, Camera and Third Party Apps. The default setting is red for “blocked”. This means the app will be blocked during the time of day and day of week for the schedule you create. If you select “green or unblocked” the app will not be affected during the schedule period. Select Save and you will be sent to the Schedules screen.

16. If you have any issues please contact our support team via email, chat or via phone.


  • Note: Only one Mobile Device Management profile can be used on a device. So if you have an existing profile from another provider you will need to uninstall the MDM Profile in your devices “Settings” prior to installing the KidTrol profile.
  • Once you successfully “paired” your child’s device, you can add up to two additional devices to the same child’s profile using the same process.
  • On the “Schedule” screen you will see each of the default schedules that comes with the app as well as any schedules you created. You can modify all Schedules to suit your needs.
  • On the “Schedules” screen, you will also see the “Child” you selected to be subjected to the particular Schedule. The toggle switch is an on/off switch for each Schedule. The toggle will be “white” if a Schedule is “Off”. The toggle will be orange if the schedule is “On”.
  • You can override an existing Schedule instantly by using the “KIDTROL” feature available on the “KIDTROL” screen.


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