Kidtrol Helps Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Kidtrol has always at its core promoted a healthy lifestyle for children. We strive to help teach kids good habits about using the internet and their phones. It is because we put so much emphasize on health that we designed our app in the first place!

Internet and Smartphone Addiction is Real

how to promote a healthy lifestyle with kidtrolLike any good thing, it can be overused and misused. While this may be true for a lot of things like chocolate or something similar, people often overlook one of the most common forms of addiction: the internet and smartphone addiction. As goes into a more in depth view on smartphone addiction, it validates that this is indeed a very valid diagnosis for someone who may be struggling to control compulsive and even obsessive internet use. This can especially affect teens and younger children who have more time on their hands, but it certainly does affect adults too.

Teaching Kids Good Habits is Essential

As with anything, teaching children good habits before they get the chance to develop bad ones is an essential foundation that they need. Reversing bad habits once they are formed is fighting an uphill battle at best, and while they can be beaten it takes a lot of time and effort. Because of this, creating a foundation of good habits early on is best.

Kidtrol Can Help

Kidtrol’s child lock app can help create an environment where good habits are formed right from the get-go. From being able to limit a child’s access to the internet or other apps while in school or late at night, to being able to automatically create social time with family and friends that don’t involve being “plugged in” Kidtrol always has your back. If you are worried about your children getting stuck in bad habits or getting addicted to the internet, try out Kidrol today!

How To Promote A Healthy Lifestyle With Kidtrol
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