Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep for anyone can impact their ability to think and function in everyday life. Because of this, it is essential that adults and children get enough sleep at night. While most people think that sleep problems mostly affect adults, they also effect kids. While most adults may know how to help combat their sleep problems, kids may not. It is essential for children to develop healthy habits early on in life, so why not take steps to help achieve that?

What is Keeping Your Children Up at Night?

While there may be many things or reasons why a child may have sleep issues, distractions like smartphones may be the primary reason why. Nowadays kids have 24/7 access to the internet and other phone apps that may keep them up past their bedtime. According to, “problematic computer use is a growing social issue which is being debated worldwide.” This can include smartphone and internet addictions, and children are not immune to its effects.

Are your kids getting enough sleepHow Can You Help Your Children Create Good Habits?

Parents can take simple, yet effective steps to help create good habits with their children. This can begin by placing a child lock app on their smartphone, such as Kidtrol. Child lock apps like Kidtrol can help to stomp out temptation by making the internet and third party apps no longer accessible at certain time periods, such as bedtime. As we all know, a distraction and temptation free sleep time is essential to getting quality sleep. Disturbing this time can lead to poor grades and poor health, especially in children. While there may be other root causes of sleep problems and each person is different, starting on the right foot to combat sleep issues is key.

Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?
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Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?
Sleep scientists constantly stress the importance of getting adequate sleep. How much do you know about growth cycles in your kids? Learn about the facts here.
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Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?

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