Are Your Kids Starting the School Year Off Right?

Along with a new school year comes many new learning opportunities. Why not teach your kids about the responsible use of their smartphone as well? Kids nowadays have so many distractions in the classroom because of their smartphones, but this doesn’t have to be an issue anymore with Kidtrol’s parental app blocker. Simply set up a scheduled time for the phone to block any third party apps or the internet, and the phone will automatically limit itself for you. Kidtrol is designed for the busy parent in mind, so we have your back!

Paying Attention in the Classroom is Critical for Success

Are your kids starting the school year rightAlong with the Kidtrol parental control app, you can be confident that your child is doing what he or she should be doing in school – learning. As reported by many teachers across the nation, smartphone usage can have a debilitating effect in the classroom and it can undermine the teaching efforts of the instructor. If this happens to your child, they may miss out on critical information that they need to succeed in the classroom.

While A Smartphone is very Useful, it’s Important to Use it Responsibly

Teaching your kids good habits early on in life is a very important thing to do, and it can start right in the classroom. Teaching your kids how to responsibly use their smartphones and other devices can mean the difference between success and failure in the academic environment, and their habits will follow them most likely for their academic career whether they are good or bad. This is why Kidtrol can be so important; it removed the temptation for children to browse the internet or use other third party apps when they should be devoting their time to learning the skills they need to know to thrive in the future.

Are Your Kids Starting the School Year Off Right?
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Are Your Kids Starting the School Year Off Right?
A quick discussion on how to ensure your kids start the school year off right.
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Are Your Kids Starting the School Year Off Right?
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