Kidtrol Parental Control App Features To Help Parents

kidtrol's featuresKidtrol believes it’s a parents prerogative to be able to control their children’s phone usage with ease. We at Kidtrol believe that having to take a child or teen’s phone away physically is not only unnecessary but stressful and traumatic in some cases. However, when grades are falling because homework is not getting completed or from lack of focus in class it becomes necessary to stop the problem in it’s tracks. This is why Kidtrol developed it’s parental control app with helpful features like Scheduling and On-Demand. Don’t let your children’s grades fall before stepping in to solve the problem.

Kidtrol Scheduling

The scheduling feature in your Kidtrol app is designed to help you control phone usage at night and in school. Set schedules that will lock your child or teens phone automatically for the times you enter. Set it once and you won’t have to worry about your son or daughter having trouble focusing in class or being distracted when they should be getting sleep. Additionally, the scheduling feature lets you choose whether to allow use of the camera, Safari, App store, or none at all.

Kidtrol On-Demand

The Kidtrol On-Demand feature is exactly what you’d expect a parental control app to let you do. Choose which phone to disable, choose which apps to disable (mix and match settings controlling all third party apps, camera, app store, and/or safari), and choose whether or not to disable all internet. Then simply choose how long you’d like to keep the phone in its disabled state and you are now in control. Use the On-Demand feature to get your child or teen to finish their homework, clean their room, or be present at the dinner table when they simply cannot control themselves.

Best Practices Guides Are Available For Additional Instructions

Parents, check out our best practices guide to controlling phone usage using the Kidtrol parental control app to ensure you and your children maintain a healthy relationship. With the Kidtrol app you are gaining great power and as Peter Parker’s uncle once said “with great power comes great responsibility”. The team here at Kidtrol want nothing more than to help you maintain a great relationship with your children so check out our best practices guide to using the On-Demand feature and our best practices guide to using the Scheduling feature.