Disable Apps And Internet On Demand With Kidtrol

Start taking control of phone use with Kidtrol’s On Demand feature which allows you to disable apps and internet on your child’s phone from the touch of a button from your own phone. The powerful feature lets you choose which apps (choose whether to allow use of third party apps, the camera, Safari, App store, or none at all) and which devices will be affected by the Kidtrol app. To use the feature simply choose which apps to disable and which phone to affect and you are good to go! Set the timer and start controlling phone use with Kidtrol once and for all.

Kidtrol parental control app for parents disable apps and internetCheck Out The Customizing Options For Using The On Demand Feature

When using the On Demand feature you’ll find you have many options to choose from. Choose which connected device, choose which apps to disable, then set the timer before disabling your child or teens phone. Use the On Demand feature to help your child or teen finish a homework project, clean their room, and more! The control is yours when it comes to phone usage.

Use ‘The Until I Say’ Option

Use the ‘Until I Say’ option to disable your child or teen’s phone for an indefinite amount of time. The powerful option will go into effect once you activate app. The ‘Until I Say’ option is great for ensuring your devices aren’t being used for games or other non-essential tasks during the day.

You Are In Control With The On Demand Feature

You are in control when you use the On Demand feature. The days of unlimited smartphone use and endless distractions are over and now the parents are back in control. Use these features to instill good habits in your children or teens and never have to physically take away their devices again. Kidtrol was designed by parents for parents to give you the best experience possible when controlling phone use. So go have fun and download Kidtrol from the app store!