Improve School Grades With Kidtrol

With Kidtrol you are many great features to help you control phone use. Controlling phone use with a smart strategy can result in a number of positive effects. One effect is the steady increase in school grades that will result from increased focus in the classroom.

Less Phone Use Leads To Higher Grades

Numerous studies have show a significant link between less phone use in the classroom and higher grades. Students who have less distractions are simply able to focus better on the lesson. In addition, your control over phone use can be a great bargaining tool in improving school grades. With Kidtrol you have many powerful features at your disposal and therefore you have many unique ways to control phone use.

set up schedules for kidtrol parental control appSet Schedules During School Hours

One way to improve school grades is to set schedules that disallow your kid’s from using their devices during school hours. Set schedules for the school week and also for the hours they are in school. Take it a step further and choose which apps (choose whether to allow use of third party apps, the camera, Safari, App store, or none at all) you’d like to allow them or not allow them to use. For example, you can choose that your child or teen’s camera app stay active in case they need to take a picture of some notes or record an event.

Use The On Demand Feature To Get Homework Done

improve school grades with KidtrolAnother way to help your child or teen improve in school would be on a per-case basis with the On Demand feature. Help them finish an assignment by disabling their phone for a couple hours. The choice is yours and the Kidtrol app has the tools to help you. Regardless of how you choose to help reduce phone or tablet distractions Kidtrol can handle it and you’ll see your children improve their focus and break away from the constant entertainment the internet provides. Download Kidtrol from the app store today!