Help Your Kids Sleep At Night With Kidtrol

how to help your kids sleep at nightWith Kidtrol you can help your kids sleep at night. Use the helpful features on your app to ensure your kids get the sleep they need on school nights and more. Set schedules where their devices apps and internet won’t work at night allowing them to rest without distractions. Effectively set bedtimes and more with just a couple buttons on your Kidtrol app. Alternatively, you can use the On Demand feature to disable their apps and internet for particular nights when they need the most rest, like before an exam.

Reduce Distractions At Night For Better Sleep

With Kidtrol you are in control and you can set schedules to help instill good sleeping habits in your child or teen. It is well known that the internet can keep us up for hours after bedtime but it’s less well known that the screen itself can keep you up as well. Studies have uncovered a link between phone use at night and insomnia. This effect is caused by the bright lit screens that emulate the many frequencies of sunlight causing our bodies to believe it is still daytime and therefore to produce less sleep inducing chemicals like Melatonin. Luckily for you, you can combat this practice with smart scheduling through your Kidtrol app.

The Harmful Effects Of Lack Of Sleep Are Plentiful

Lack of sleep can cause a whole host of problems including reduced focus during the day and loss of ability to regulate emotions. One problem that you may not be aware of includes growing children. Sleep is probably the most important thing a youngster can get besides food, love, and water. Sleep is so important for growing children because most of their growth hormone is secreted while they sleep, lack of sleep can actually stunt their growth! Get Kidtrol and start ensuring your kids get better sleep at night once and for all using it’s helpful and powerful features. You can download Kidtrol from the app store today!