With Kidtrol You Can Lower Your Data Bill

lower your data billKidtrol can help you lower your data bill once and for all. Say goodbye to those extra fees because Kidtrol puts in you complete control of your connected devices data usage. Use the helpful features available to set schedules or disable internet entirely, effectively limiting data use. Parents all over the country are already using Kidtrol to limit their data bills, improve school grades, and help their kids sleep at night so you already know that it works. Try disabling apps and internet as you see fit and watch your phone bills drop once and for all.

Control Phone Use With Scheduling And On Demand

You have a number of options for limiting phone use and lowering your data bill with Kidtrol’s features. Try setting schedules for certain times of the day like during school or at night to limit data use overall. Use the On Demand feature to disable internet use for the remainder of the month if you see your child or teen is about to go over their limit. The possibilities are endless and with Kidtrol you’ll never have to physically take away your child or teen’s phone again. Just set a schedule or use On Demand to start controlling phone use everyday.

Experience What Kidtrol Has To Offer

Kidtrol puts the parents back in control of their kids phone use. Use Kidtrol on any generation of Apple device for complete control. Disable third party apps, internet, and much more (choose whether to allow use of third party apps, the camera, Safari, App store, or none at all) at the touch of a button from your phone and never worry about another data fee again. This is all because Kidtrol was designed by parents for parents to help you get the upper hand on your child or teens phone use. Get Kidtrol today from the Apple app store!