Set Schedules For Phone Use In School, At Home, And More

set up schedules for kidtrol parental control appSet it once and never worry about it again. With the Kidtrol app scheduling feature you can control phone use regularly to help your child or teen focus in class or get sleep at night without distractions.

With Kidtrol you can set schedules for phone use anytime you want. Easily set up a schedule for disabling the apps and internet on your child or teen’s phone at the touch of a button. The Kidtrol parental control app was designed to make controlling phone use simple and easy. Choose when, what days, and which apps (choose whether to allow use of third party apps, the camera, Safari, App store, or none at all) will be disabled. Then, sit back and de-stress knowing that the app is working even when you aren’t! Simply set the schedule and relax.

Help Your Child Or Teen Focus In School

There was a time when helping your child or teen focus in school meant waiting for report cards and punishing them if they didn’t meet your requirements. With Kidtrol you don’t have to worry about phone’s being a distraction in class. Studies have proven that phone usage in class is strongly linked with bad grades, so when you disable phone use in class you’ll be directly helping your child or teen do better in class.

Help Your Child Or Teen Sleep At Night

Numerous studies have shown that even light phone use before bed can lead to lack of sleep and insomnia. The high frequency lights emanating from your phone screen are actually slowing your bodies production of melatonin, which helps you sleep at night. Children already have to wake up early during the week for school so lack of sleep among teens and children is a real problem.

Lack Of Sleep Is Stunting Growth!

Additionally, as if all of that wasn’t enough, studies have proven that lack of sleep in growing children is actually stunting their growth as the majority of growth hormone is secreted while you sleep! Luckily for you however, there is a way to help you child or teen sleep at night. Simply set a schedule for night hours and let the app go to work. Reduce distractions at night and help your kids get a full night of sleep.