Less Distractions in the Classroom Lead to Higher Grades

less distractions in the classroom can lead to higher gradesWhile this may seem fairly obvious, less distractions in the classroom can result in a better environment for learning. With as many distractions as there already are in the classroom (such as class clowns or other things) it’s important to eliminate as many as possible. One massive source of these distractions comes in a very modern form; the smartphone. While the smartphone is incredibly useful, it also has many third party apps and internet access that can take a child’s attention away from the teacher.

There is an Easy Solution

While you may consider just taking your kid’s phone away while they are at school, that isn’t a really realistic approach. They have a smartphone so that they can call you if need be or check in, and while taking the phone away would stop the distractions it causes, that solution would still be counter-productive. A much easier solution would be to install a child lock app like Kidtrol, which is readily available on the Apple App Store. Kidtrol is very easy to set up and use, and it allows your child to still have their phone on them if they need to call you.

Kidtrol Makes it Easy

We behind the Kidtrol app know that you’re very busy and that you can’t go to school with your child; while you may want to, it’s just not possible. That’s why we built in an automatic scheduler that you can set up while at home; it can lock your child’s phone during school hours and unlock itself when school is over. That means that if you forgot to manually set it, it does it for you. Kidtrol was designed to be as easy to use as possible, and with it your child will be able to achieve higher grades with less distractions.

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Less Distractions in the Classroom Lead to Higher Grades
How Kidtrol can help improve your children's grades by creating a more studious environment in the classroom.
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Less Distractions in the Classroom Lead to Higher Grades

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