Best Practices For Using The Kidtrol On Demand Feature

If you’ve read our Scheduling feature best practices guide already then you probably have a good idea about how using the Kidtrol app blocker as a parent can help instill in your child good habits like responsibility and self-sufficiency. What if I told you that you can still find more uses out of your Kidtrol app? Well you can, try using the On Demand feature to put your child in timeout for a short period or issue a “digital grounding” when they need it. We aren’t going to tell you how to be a better parent (nor do we think we need to) in this post but we will provide you with this best practices guide to using your newfound parenting tools, read on.

With The On Demand Feature You Can:

  • Instantly disable your child’s phone for a custom amount of time (up to 12 hour periods of time)
  • Disable your child’s phone indefinitely using the “Until I Say” option
  • Choose which phones to disable
  • Quickly unlock disabled phones at the touch of a button

giving timeout is cool againGiving Your Child “Timeout’s” Is Cool Again (Well… They Won’t Think So)

The days of giving your kid a timeout went out of style after parents realized their kids are going to stare at their phone screens anyways regardless of whether or not they are in timeout. The next option for reprimanding your children was to take their phones away and that can be a fairly unpleasant experience for some. Kidtrol app blocker offers the solution to these problems. Gone are the days when you were a helpless parent, a servant to the whims of your child’s interest in the internet and social media. Kidtrol gives you more parenting control and more peace of mind as a result. With kid’s spending unholy amounts of time on using entertainment media nowadays this becomes all the more important.

peter parker quote about responsibilityBe Smart About Using Your On Demand Feature

Our goal at Kidtrol is to simply give you the tools to become a better parent, but with great power comes great responsibility (according to Peter Parkers uncle at least). The On Demand feature is designed to be used as a last resort when trying to get your kid to clean their room (or do their homework). Kidtrol is great at helping to instill self-sufficiency and responsibility in your child when used correctly.

Be Creative With Kidtrol!

There are many ways to be creative in your approach to using the On Demand feature. Parents like you care a lot about the future success of your child. Why else would you invest in buying your child a smartphone and then downloading the Kidtrol app? You want your child to be prepared for the digital landscape of the workplace while keeping them from over-indulging in the many distracting activities the internet offers. Once you’ve found additional uses for your On Demand feature other than what we’ve described here tell us! We want to hear from you and incorporate your experiences into our next best practices guide.

Drop Us An Email With Any Questions Or Suggestions

We love hearing from parents like you. We love hearing about the good experiences our users have. Our team is always on stand by ready to answer your questions and respond to your inquiries. Send an email to and a team member will respond ASAP! Happy Parenting!

Kidtrol On Demand Feature Best Practices
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Kidtrol On Demand Feature Best Practices
Read our best practices guide to using the On Demand feature on your Kidtrol app.
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Kidtrol On Demand Feature Best Practices

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