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To get started controlling your iOS devices with the touch of a button simply click below to be taken to the app store. You’ll love controlling your iOS devices because we made it easy to do, right from your own device. Kidtrol only works on iOS for now with plans to expand to Android users. Please enjoy this app on us and give it a good rating if you enjoy it!

Download The Kidtrol App In The app store


With Kidtrol You Can

  • Control multiple Apple devices
  • Set schedules for allowed phone use during the week
  • Use the On-Demand feature to disable devices instantly
  • Customize which apps you can block
  • Organize your children’s phones by device and by schedules
  • Help your child sleep at night without a phone distraction
  • Help your child succeed in school without a phone distraction
  • Never pay a school phone confiscation fee again by disable phones during class
  • Save money on your data bill by cutting of data use before the limit is reached
  • And much, much more!

With Kidtrol You Can Block App Like These

block third party apps with kidtrol
With Kidtrol you can block and disable apps easily. Disable apps like Safari, Camera, and third party apps at the touch of a button. Use your customizing options to choose which apps to disable and then set schedules for use for each device you’ve connected. Kidtrol makes parenting easier because you’ll never have to physically take away your child’s phone again. Find out why parents all over the country are using Kidtrol everyday to help their kids study in school, sleep at night, and succeed at life!