How Parental Control Apps Reduce Power Struggles Over Your Kid’s Phone

Sometimes taking away your kid’s phone can seem like more trouble than it’s worth, especially when you have a strong willed copy of yourself to go to battle with. But when your child is on Snapchat, Kik, or Instagram all night long, they’re exhausted and don’t have the energy to concentrate at school – especially if they’re also on their phone when they should be paying attention in class. Having them ignore the family through dinner because they’re too busy scrolling through Facebook under the table is probably driving you insane, and you know they need to put the phone down if they’re going to give their homework the proper attention. Furthermore, you’ve asked them a hundred times not to stare at their phone the whole time you’re on a family vacation – and yet there they are, eyes glued to the screen. “Is it really worth the fight?” you may ask yourself, and yet you just want your child there with you, present in the moment instead of lost in the digital world.

There Is Hope With A Parental Control App

set smart schedules for happier kidsThe good news is that limiting your child’s screen time doesn’t have to be a source of contention in your home. When you use a parental control app, you can make sure that your child is only on their phone during times that are acceptable to you – and you can do it remotely, so whether you’re in the same room or on opposite sides of the country, you’ve got the power. This isn’t about making you the bad guy; in fact, it’s much less confrontational to simply manage your child’s screen time from a device. When they can’t access the internet, camera, or their party apps from their phone, there’s no tense conversation to have, no angry words to exchange – just a simple boundary that you’ve set ahead of time. Instead of storming into their room or grabbing a device out of their hands like a raging primate, you can tap and click, allowing both of you to save face. And if they need to call, text, or send an email to reach you or complete an assignment for school, those functions are still available to them. It’s the best of both worlds. When you and your child set boundaries together, you become a team to help screen time be a positive part of their life instead of a distraction they don’t have the willpower to overcome, and it’s all thanks to an affordable parental control app that gets you the results you want.

How Parental Control Apps Reduce Power Struggles Over Your Kid’s Phone
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