Pokemon Go May be the Latest Fad, but are Your Children Safe?

are your children safe using pokemon goWith the recent Pokemon Go phenomenon, kids, teenagers, and even adults alike are taking to the streets and parks to find likeminded people to play with. Pokemon Go offers a lot for children and teens especially as it gets them outside, makes them exercise, and gives them something to do during the long summer hours. Meeting new friends and catching these Pokemon together can help contribute to team building exercises and a fulfilled summer. However, while this game is a very great thing to have around, it does unfortunately have its downsides. It is important to be aware of these downsides, as not paying attention to these can potentially leave your children in danger or distract them during inappropriate times.

Knowing What Your Children are up to is Critical

Because this game means walking around a lot, it is important to know where your children are going at all times (especially if they are younger). For instance, a girl found a random dead body in a river according to CNN. Other reports bring up the fact that thieves are setting up “lures” to rob people of their possessions. Another case are teens and children are being pressured to trespass, and in one case that led to severe consequences for some Florida teens playing Pokemon Go outside of a trigger happy man’s house. Another incident resulted in a stampede in New York City’s Central Park when people spotted a rare Pokemon called Vaporeon. Because of these many issues, it is very important to talk to your children about being safe with the Pokemon Go app.

If You are Still Worried even After Talking to Your Children, Kidtrol may be able to Help

Kidtrol can block access to the Pokemon Go app if you are still worried about your children playing the game at inappropriate times or if you are worried about them going out on their own unsupervised. This might be a good idea if your child is tempted to go and play with the app when you are not present, and it can help them stay safe. Of course, it is up to the parent to assess if their child is responsibly using the app – but Kidtrol’s always got your back just in case.

Pokemon Go May be the Latest Fad, but are Your Children Safe?
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