Best Practices For Using The Kidtrol Scheduling Feature

So you took steps to get to know your Kidtrol App Blocker. You’ve probably experimented with it and may think you know how everything works already! Kudos to you, and although the interface is user-friendly and the features relatively easy to figure out there is always more to learn right? That why we wrote up this best practices guide to using your new scheduling capabilities.

With The Scheduling Feature You Can:

  • Choose which phones to disable
  • Choose the times the phone will be disabled
  • Choose the days the phone will be disabled
  • Choose which apps to disable (disabling all apps is not possible but all third party apps and more can be)

set smart schedules for happier kidsSet Smart Scheduling Times That Won’t Drive Your Kids Crazy!

This seems simple enough. Maybe scheduling your kid’s phones to be disabled 23 1/2 hours out of the day is a bit of overkill. We suggest you treat scheduling times for your child like a business deal. Talk it out with them, agree on times and then try it out. Adjust as necessary until their phones are disabled only when they need to be. if your child has a phone addiction then we suggest disabling their phones for a little longer than they need to be. This extra free time will give them a chance to discover other activities that they may be able to enjoy. The goal here is to help your child focus on the screen of life rather than the screen of their phone. Disabling phones an be an emotional experience for your child so be sure that you do it in a caring and thoughtful way.

Using Reverse Psychology To Your Benefit

The benefit is a more socially engaged and happy child not a miserable one. We’ve discovered that once your child is accustomed to not using their phone 24/7 they discover other things they can do with their time. Soon you won’t even need to set schedules for your child’s phone anymore because they don’t feel “tied” to it anymore. Once they can begin to sleep at night, focus in school, and be present at the dinner table you may want to ease back on the scheduling and give them more control and responsibility with their phone use. The result is a child that is self-sufficient and responsible. If we can help instill those habits in your child then we would feel great about that. After all, we’re parents too.

control phone use in schoolTry Disabling Your Child’s Phone During School Hours

Studies show a strong correlation between less phone use in school and higher grades, higher life satisfaction, and less anxiety. I think we can all agree that higher grades make a kid less anxious, so this makes sense to us. The UK is leading the research into the effects of cell phone use in school and the results pretty amazing. Students were earning on average one letter grade higher on their report cards during periods phones were prohibited in school. Disabling your child’s phone during school hours may be the best decision you ever make for their education.

Kidtrol Is Great For Getting Your Kids To Sleep At Night As Well

Growing kids need sleep, most of their growth hormone is secreted while they sleep so staying up late and waking up early for school may actually be stunting their growth. If that’s not enough reason to set bedtimes using your parental control app then listen to this. Studies show that the bright lights on our smartphones actually slow the release of melatonin (the hormone that regulates our sleep schedule). The high frequencies of light tell our brains that it’s still daytime and so we don’t get sleepy. Lack of sleep has many links to poor performance physically and mentally, anxiety, tiredness (obviously), and a huge list of other symptoms. So experiment a little bit! Find out what works for you and what doesn’t then talk to us and tell us about your experience!

Drop Kidtrol An Email With Any Questions Or Suggestions

We love hearing from you. We know the Kidtrol App Blocker works great but we are still thrilled every time we hear a success story. Our team is always on stand by ready to answer your questions and respond to your inquiries. Send an email to

Kidtrol Scheduling Feature Best Practices
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Kidtrol Scheduling Feature Best Practices
Read our guide to using the Scheduling feature on your Kidtrol app.
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Kidtrol Scheduling Feature Best Practices

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