Have School’s Taken Phone Use Policy Too Far?

schools are taking phonesThere is a new trend spreading among school’s, teachers have taken confiscating phones to a new level. It’s common now for school’s to not only confiscate phones being used during class but also charge parents a fee to get them back. Without saying parents have expressed dislike and school’s have been pulling in unprecedented amounts of cash. One school, Steele High School, has managed to rake in over 16,000 dollars by charging parents 15$ to get their kid’s phones back. Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District alone has collected over 33,000 dollars since they began implementing this new phone policy.

The School’s Have Good Reason To Have Strict Phone Use Rules

Maybe charging parents to get their kid’s phones back is a step too far but the school’s have a good reason for wanting to limit phone use in school. Studies have repeatedly shown that less phone use in school means higher grades and more focus on the class lesson’s. Grades rose by as much as a whole letter grade when phones where confiscated on school campus. So what is a parent to do to avoid unnecessary charges and give their kids incentive not to use their phone in school?

Kidtrol Is The Answer You’ve Been Looking For

Kidtrol App Blocker and parental control app offers you the ability to limit your child’s phone use to days and times you choose. You can use the variety of features to disable apps and block internet use on connected phones. Kidtrol is the solution for parents who want to limit their children’s phone usage in school. You can easily disable your child’s phone while still allowing them to use basic functions like call and text while they are in school. Don’t get charged fees and don’t compromise your child’s education. Get Kidtrol and control your connected phones today. Try the app for free in the app store.

Schools Are Taking Away Phones And It's Costing You
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Schools Are Taking Away Phones And It's Costing You
Read about how schools are taking phones away and it's costing parents. Combat this trend with the Kidtrol parental control app.
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Schools Are Taking Away Phones And It’s Costing You

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